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Hike with Jeremiah

18 Jul

I do not typically endorse guides and excursions on Kauai. But Jeremiah was awesome. He really pushed me and I him. I enjoyed a FULL day of hiking and Jeremiah and he had great knowledge of the trails. I DEFINITELY plan on hiking again with with him soon. I received this today and wanted to pass this along to all my guest who are looking to explore Kauai by foot.

My Hike with Jeremy

My Hike with Jeremy

Aloha from Kauai,

It’s been nearly six years since I moved to this beautiful island to start my hiking & adventure guiding business. As most of you know, I’ve been in the adventure business for over 16 years, with a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education and many years of field experience – from teaching “primitive skills” while mentoring “at risk youth” in the wilderness, to guiding all-inclusive luxury group tours for adults and families. Currently, I’m focusing solely on private tours (on Kauai, the other major Hawaiian Islands and beyond) for families, individuals, and small groups of all ages and ability levels.

About five years ago, I sent out a email requesting for support in spreading the word about my website for global hiking tours, I received a tremendous response and I am grateful for the support & encouragement!

Since that time my experience, knowledge and understanding of this spectacular island have continued to deepen. It’s been an honor to share “island treasure” with hundreds of visitors over the years. I love what I do and feel truly blessed to make a living doing what I’ve always been passionate about: going on adventures with interesting folks in awe-inspiring places! While I’ve received some terrific feedback, I know that when it comes to Hawaii, the islands themselves are the real star – even places I visit regularly continue to reward me new surprises! So far word of mouth has proven the most reliable means of promoting my business. So….

Once again, it would be of great assistance if you would take the time to spread the word to your family and friends planning a visit to Hawaii by forwarding this email and/or sharing the links below.

If you’ve been on a hike with me, please use the TripAdvisor and Yelp links to write a short account of our experience together. Your recommendations and feedback make a big impact on the visibility and credibility of my company on the web.

Sincerely yours,

Kalepa Ridge Trail Waimea Canyon

9 Nov

Kalepa Ridge Trail Waimea Canyon Kauai

Kalepa Ridge Trail Waimea Canyon Kauai

This is NOT an official “trail,” and that by hiking here, you do so at your own risk. I did the hike with Jeremy a knowledgeable guide at Kauai Hiking Adventures. Kalepa Ridge hike will take you along the ridge line between Honopu and Kalalau Valley’s, offering some of the most incredible views into Kalalau Valley. The panoramic views into Kalalau Valley as you hike out onto the ridge stretching towards Na Pali are simply incredible. The day we did the hike the weather was clear. We began the trail at 10:30 am and finished at 1:30 pm after a lunch at the point with local fruits and many photo stops along the way.
The GPS showed a total round trip of 2.1 miles with an elevation change of 650 feet. This completes all the ocean side trails in Kokee State Park. Of all the ocean side trails, this one is the best.

Moloaa Beach Path

12 Feb


At the start of the beach trail.

What a great beach bay. Along with the sun and surf it has a nice beach path toward the north. It winds along the oceans edge for about a half a mile. At the end of the trail is a coral reef and rock outcropping. There were lots of green sea turtles at the coral outcrop. The trail dead ends into the nature conservatory, which is off limits. In the winter time the path is a fantastic place to watch whales. You can actually do the path in flip-flops so take off and enjoy.

The path at the southeast end of the bay is lined with lava boulders. You spend a lot of time hopping from one bolder to the next and the view at the end is just more shoreline and boulders. Don’t miss the northern end, it is very nice.

To reach Moloaa Bay turn off 56 at mile marker 20 at Kolaa Rd. It will wind around to Moloaa Rd and drive to the small parking area near the beach. The beach path is at the far northern end (left side as approaching for the road)

GPS Trail Map

Kahili Ridge Trail

12 Feb

Kahili Ridge Trail

Kahili Ridge Trail

Kahili Ridge Trail

If you are thinking about doing this trail~ pick a different trail. Seriously of all the trails I have done, this one is on my do not do again list. Yes it has some very nice views, but along the way it has danger, an overgrown trail that is head high, ferns and trees that make you walk bent over or crawling for 5 minutes straight, and slippery slopes.

Seriously if you decide to do the trail, wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt, hat, and two hiking poles. I have never used a hiking pole before but this trip I wish I had a couple. The hat will help you surf through the ferns and protect your head from all the low hanging limbs. The trail becomes very narrow at points and what you think is the trail is just a fern hanging over the unsuspecting cliff. I label the trail a forget it.


Looking back to the south.

I thought I was crazy and no one was insane enough to also be doing the trail when a couple of “20 something” hikers cruised by me with nothing on but shorts and a smile. Not even a water bottle. Still I was unwilling to go to the radio tower and beyond because I saw no value to the extra effort. I made it to the top before the tower and the view was amazing. It was a clear day with no rain or mist.

If it is misting or raining, wait for a clear day. There are far too many better hikes on the island than this overgrown trail.

To do the trail you check in at the Adventist School office just past the Poipu tree tunnel road. The reason for the sign-in is if you are crazy enough to do the hike, they can identify the body later.

GPS Trail Map

My Google Earth GPS Trails

3 Jan

Kalalau Trail,Kee Beach

Taken at the Ke’e Beach Overlook

I found something new in Google Earth. I can now download all my GPS Trails directly into Google Earth through a new service Wikiloc. If you click on any of the trails or activities uploaded, it will not only give you the trail located on the map, the elevation graph, and the length of time it took to reach any point along the trail. My description and pictures are also included. (Pictures and videos are limited to just 6, so clicking on the link in the article to all the pictures are necessary if you are interested in all the pictures.)

Aloha Chuck’s Wikiloc Hikes, Trails, and My Activities Illustrated in Google Earth