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Staying Safe In The Sun

10 Jul

Staying safe in the sun – skincare tips in the heat
Leaving daily cares behind and heading off on a Hawaiian vacation is a dream come true for many individuals. Whether riding horses through the hills or lying back on glittering sand, it is easy to become lost in the moment. Unfortunately, all that sun can be tough on the skin; however, with just a little extra care, it is possible to enjoy that dream vacation without having to pay a price for it later.
Skin damage
We have all become used to hearing warnings about skin cancer being caused by prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun – and it is important to take these warnings seriously – but many people don’t realize that unfiltered sun exposure can also damage skin in a number of other ways, including:
• Premature aging: Too much sun can speed up the development of fine lines in the skin and make existing creases deeper, as well as giving skin a rougher texture, making regular sun-worshippers look old before their time.
• Discoloration: The production of extra melanin in response to exposure to the sun doesn’t happen evenly and can play havoc with skin tone, creating lasting stains and blemishes that often look increasingly bad with age.
• Drying: The sun can do a lot of damage simply by drying the skin out, sometimes permanently robbing it of its natural glow and leaving the surface taut, fragile, and vulnerable to breaking and cracking, as well as to infection.
Skin protection
The best way to protect against the damage listed above, of course, is to cover up when spending prolonged periods of time in the sun, wearing loose fitting clothes and a broad brimmed hat. Because this isn’t always practical – and because most of us enjoy feeling the sun on our skin – the next best line of defense is sunscreen.
To be effective, sunscreen needs to be applied before going out into the sunshine and needs to be re-applied often. It is important to make sure that the sunscreen you use is the right strength for your skin type and for the amount of UV in the atmosphere. When applying sunscreen, it is important not to forget areas like the ears, the feet, between the fingers, and the back of the neck.
After-sun treatment and skin repair
If damage to the skin occurs despite using an adequate sunscreen product there are measures that can be taken to treat and repair skin – and the sooner these measures are taken the better. Applying a good moisturizer like Argan Oil can help the skin to repair itself. Natural products like lactic acid and bearberry juice can be used to lighten discolored areas, while glycolic acid creams can repair damage and give the skin back some of its elasticity without making it as photosensitive as some other products will. It is important to buy skincare products from a reliable source, and to remember that results may vary based on personal factors.
Packing for a holiday in the sun
Even people planning to spend most of their time sunbathing should pack loose fitting clothing when going on vacation for those times when more than just a swimsuit will be required. As well as the usual sunscreen, it is a good idea to take a stronger product along for use on particularly high-UV days, and after-sun treatments like those mentioned above should not be forgotten.

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