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6 May

Nukolii Beach

Nukolii Beach

The Endless Allure of Kauai’s Beaches

Always dreamed of a condo right on the beach where the first thing you hear when you wake up every morning is the sound of the ocean? Love to feel the sand between your feet and the sea breeze in your hair? Why not come to Kauai and live the dream! You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to gorgeous sandy beaches in Kauai: from the relative quiet of a relaxing walk on Moloaa Bay to the more popular hustle and bustle of Poipu beach park, which has a lifeguard on duty, showers, picnic spots and a designated spot for children to splash in the ocean. Kauai has some of the most picturesque beaches in Hawaii. But what can you do on Kauai’s beautiful beaches? Here are just a few ideas for fun Hawaiian beach activities!

Take To The Water

The water sports on Kauai are second to none. In fact, Kauai is considered by many to be the best Hawaiian island to visit if you’re planning to try your hand at some water sports (whether you’re an expert or a rank beginner). If you are new to the water then, Kauai is the perfect place to try a new water sport for the first time, particularly surfing, because the laid back and friendly attitude of the local residents mean you won’t be made to feel at all self conscious if you fall of your board for the first, second, or even fiftieth time! Whether you’re looking to surf or snorkel in the open sea, windsurf on one of the islands fresh water lakes, or enjoy a boat tour complete with a well informed tour guide to lead the way, you’ll find all of these options and more on Kauai. If you plan on taking to the water during your trip to Kauai then ensure that water sports are covered by your vacation insurance policies: many policies don’t cover water sports or require that you take out an additional policy if you want to hit the surf during your vacation, so it’s better to check and be sure before you arrive on the island. After all, you don’t want to be stuck on the shore watching everyone else have all the fun!

Enjoy Incredible Views

As well as waking up to the sound and smell of the ocean every morning, you will also be able to enjoy incredible views from the beaches and bays of Kauai. The Jurassic Park movie trilogy was filmed in Kauai, and the much anticipated fourth movie is scheduled to be filmed on the island too, with filming penciled to start later this year. The island was chosen because of its untouched and almost primitive landscape: the scenery here really will take your breath away! Jurassic Park isn’t the only movie to have been filmed in Kauai’s bays and beaches, and movie buffs may well experience a sense of déjà vu when exploring the island. Parts of South Pacific were filmed on the Napali coast, Raiders of the Lost Arc was filmed here too, and Elvis filmed two of his movies (Blue Hawaii and Girls! Girls! Girls) on the island.

Swim With Dolphins

Finally, not only can you see dolphins in the surf from Kauai’s beaches, you can also take the opportunity to swim with them yourself. There are no sea creatures such as dolphins in captivity on Kauai (something that is considered a massive plus point of the island) so there isn’t a designated place where the chance to swim with dolphins are guaranteed. But it’s likely that you swim off the Na Poli coast, you will find that you are swimming alongside dolphins: the Na Poli boat tours also regularly sail alongside large pods of dolphins. Natural dolphin encounters in their own environment (as opposed to commercial encounters with captive dolphins) are a truly special, once in a life time experience. And you’re likely to be able to enjoy this experience off the coast of Kauai! What more reason do you need to visit Kauai and explore everything its coastal region has to offer?

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