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Hanalei Bay Resort - Check-In Information

Once you arrive in Lihue, you will walk across the baggage claim area to the rental cars. Before you leave be sure and pick up all the tourist books at the airport, especially 101 Things To Do In Kauai. You will leave the airport and turn right at the first intersection. Don’t worry everything is well marked. Just follow the signs to Kapaa/Princeville. It should take you approx 40-45 minutes. Once you turn into Princeville you will cross 5 speed humps. (The 5th is just past the Princeville Makai Clubhouse on the left) Take the first left past the 5th hump. There is a sign there at the intersection but is tough to read at night. You will take the right at the fork one block down and there are signs along the way. I would unload at the front desk area and you will need to go to the front desk anyway to get your keys. They will load you up and take you to your room.

Enjoy your stay. There should be a book in each room explaining everything. It’s raining somewhere on Kauai everyday. Maybe the north shore, maybe the south shore. But if it is raining in Princeville, once it stops look thru your binoculars at all the mountains off your lanai and you will see lots of smaller waterfalls coming off the two large waterfalls you see daily. Sometimes you can just go down to Kapa’a and it’s clear plus they have great beaches there. (Also supermarket and shopping) Plan on exploring the island YOU CAN'T GET LOST. There is really only one main road around the island.

Hanalei Bay Resort charges a $15 Resort Fee per night.

Restaurant Suggestions

The best local lunch on the island is Mermaid's in Kapa'a. It's across the street from ABC Store at the "Y" intersection and light. (You will see a small group of tables outside and very busy)

We always get a really good meal at The Dolphin. Turn right when you leave Princeville. It's maybe 10 minutes down the mountain in Hanalei. You will pass the taro fields and cross the one lane bridges. There are lots of other restaurants in Hanalei.

For a meal with great food and service Roy's, The Beach House or Tide Pools is a must. But they are all the way in Poipu, about an hour and fifteen minutes away. I don’t think you will be disappointed in the time spent going over there. I would call and make a reservation for sure since it is so far away and they can give you directions. They are not hard to find and everyone around there will direct you there.

Hukilau Lanai is everyone's favorite and is located in the Coconut Marketplace. We eat there every visit to the island.

Find yourself of the West side of Kauai? Either on the way up or down to Waimea Canyon please don't miss the Shrimp Station! It's amazing. After your lunch, stop in at JoJo's and try one of their 60 flavors of shaved ice. A great way to top off that great lunch you just had! Both are in Waimea.

Sights to See

There are a couple of must things to do in Kauai. For the romantic sunset, turn right leaving Princeville and go all the way to end of the road. You are now at Kee Beach looking down the Na Pali coastline. Walk down the beach to the right for a couple of 100 yards and find the spot you like. You will be watching the sunset down the coastline. We go at least twice each trip because it’s close maybe 20 minutes and it looks different every time. Be sure and get there 15-20 minutes before sunset because you will not believe how quickly the sunsets watching it. Kee Beach Sunset Pictures

If you have time I would suggest a day trip starting at 6:30am. You will need to be at the lookout on the other side of the island around 9:00 and it will take 2-2 1/2 hours to get there. Just follow the signs to Waimea Canyon and go to the end of the road up the mountain 5200 feet. There are maps in all those brochures you picked up remember? Be sure and pull out at the look outs on the WAY DOWN! The valley at the lookout covers in clouds by 9:30-10:00 so this is your first priority, you will have time for the Grand Canyon of the Pacific on the way down. My map on the web site is a good one and shows you many other points of interest on your way back. Lihue has a Wal-Mart and large mall that you will pass if you need stuff to take home. The waterfalls, coffee plantation, spouting horn, and lighthouse are all easy to get to and require little walking. The lighthouse is a good place to watch the whales in season or all the protected wildlife. (To get to the lighthouse was confusing to me. I don’t think the road was that well marked off the main road. You want to watch closely to the road. It’s only a couple of miles down there so don’t worry. You turn left off the main road coming from Princeville then another left along the way)

From the Princeville Airport they offer helicopter tours. In those brochures are 1/2 off coupons for Heli Tours. If you want to do this be sure and watch the weather and pick a good day. I would strongly suggest trying to go early in the morning, it's usually clearer in the mornings. We really enjoyed our trip and picked a really clear day. They take you around the island and through the Waimea Valley, and down the Na Pali coastline. After the trip you can see why Kauai’s land is only 5% occupied.

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