Condos in Kauai

Kamokila Hawaiian Village, Kauai Hawaii

The Wailua River is a historical and cultural site where many ancient villages and religious sites are located. The Kamokila Village was located above the large bend in the Wailua River. It was also the place where Kaumualii, King of Kauai, assembled his war canoes.

Several Huts have been reconstructed utilizing TRADITIONAL Methods and Technique’s, each HUT represents the Various Stations and Functions in the Native-Hawaiian Culture and reflect their respective theme through displays on exhibit within the HUTS.

Kamokila Hawaiian Village, a 4-acre reconstructed Hawaiian village, is situated near Opaeka’a Falls in Wailua, The village is populated with 14 thatched-roof structures, a canoe house, a birthing house, a hula house, the chief’s assembly house and a doctor’s house. Artifacts and storyboards explain each structure’s purpose. Lush gardens grow in the village yielding traditional Hawaiian fruits and flowers. The village is a great spot to rent a kayak to go up the Wailua River to Secret Falls.

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