Condos in Kauai

New Hope Church

30 Mar


The start of our day on Kauai was a typical one. We walked 2.5 miles down Nukolii Beach. Once we arrived at Lydgate Park, we stopped and took a few pictures. The large community pavilion next to the beach was full of activity. Just as we started walking back down the beach a band started playing. We realized there was going to be a church service so we decided to return just to listen to the band and see what was going on.


As we approached the pavilion, Bart and Cookie greeted us and told us they were holding their service at the beach this week to celebrate New Hope Church tenth anniversary. He made us feel so welcome we stayed for the service, bare feet, empty pockets, and pretty super casual clothes and all. Everyone was friendly and came up and introduced themselves. We met so many wonderful people.
The service was so casual with lots of great music. At the end of the service, everyone walked to the ocean where they held a baptism in the ocean.



After baptism of four parishioners, they served a great home cooked meal.
I would suggest if you want to attend a non-denominational church while you are on Kauai, New Hope Christian Fellowship Lihue would be a very good choice.

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