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Kahili Ridge Trail

12 Feb

Kahili Ridge Trail

Kahili Ridge Trail

Kahili Ridge Trail

If you are thinking about doing this trail~ pick a different trail. Seriously of all the trails I have done, this one is on my do not do again list. Yes it has some very nice views, but along the way it has danger, an overgrown trail that is head high, ferns and trees that make you walk bent over or crawling for 5 minutes straight, and slippery slopes.

Seriously if you decide to do the trail, wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt, hat, and two hiking poles. I have never used a hiking pole before but this trip I wish I had a couple. The hat will help you surf through the ferns and protect your head from all the low hanging limbs. The trail becomes very narrow at points and what you think is the trail is just a fern hanging over the unsuspecting cliff. I label the trail a forget it.


Looking back to the south.

I thought I was crazy and no one was insane enough to also be doing the trail when a couple of “20 something” hikers cruised by me with nothing on but shorts and a smile. Not even a water bottle. Still I was unwilling to go to the radio tower and beyond because I saw no value to the extra effort. I made it to the top before the tower and the view was amazing. It was a clear day with no rain or mist.

If it is misting or raining, wait for a clear day. There are far too many better hikes on the island than this overgrown trail.

To do the trail you check in at the Adventist School office just past the Poipu tree tunnel road. The reason for the sign-in is if you are crazy enough to do the hike, they can identify the body later.

GPS Trail Map

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