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Hawaii Top 5 Waterfalls-Wailua Falls

15 Dec

Wailua Falls #4
Wailua Falls

Where: Lihue, Kauai
Height: 80 ft.
Waterway: Wailua River
Access: Turn off Highway 56 onto Maalo Road. Wailua Falls is at the end of Maalo Road.

You can literally drive right up to Wailua Falls—or at least the top of the waterfall. A nearby lookout offers a terrific view of the 80-foot plunge waterfall, which fans of the 1970’s series Fantasy Island might recognize from the opening credits. The waterfall is especially impressive when heavy rains fill the Wailua River, sending voluminous fast-moving water over the entire span of the fall’s lip. Century’s ago, native Hawaiian men would leap from the edge of the falls into the pool below to prove their manhood. We wouldn’t recommend that activity, or hiking the slippery makeshift trail to the bottom of the waterfall, where the above picture was taken.
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