Powerline Trail, South and North Views

Powerline Trail is an incredible hike which cuts the island almost in half. The trail has
two starting points. You can begin outside Wailua past the Keahua Forest
Arboretum, or the end of the road past the Princeville Stables. The trail starts at
approximately 620 feet (south view), and you continually climb for the next five
miles until you reach an altitude of approximately 2,000 feet before descending into
Hanalei Valley on the northern side of the island.
Powerline Trail South View : The trail leading from Wailua is very lush with
tropical views of the native Hawaiian rainforest and waterfalls.  To reach the trail,
turn off on Hwy 580 and go 8 miles past Coco Palms, Opaekaa Falls, and the Keahua
Forest Arboretum. After crossing the stream past the KFA, the road turns to packed
dirt and the parking area is about ¼ mile up the hill on the north side of the road.
The trail is a hunting and service road for the transmission powerline companies.
The trail begins uphill with rocky bowling ball sized slick rocks. The trail changes to
slick red dirt after ¼ mile and has 5 foot ferns lining the dirt roadway path. There
are some pretty steep sections followed by low areas filled with large water puddles
crossing the road and trail. Usually there is a pathway around the water which is just
water in deep road ruts. There are several nice overlooks and after 2 ½ miles you
reach the Lower and Upper Kapakanui Falls. The falls are located against a mountain
covered in ferns and different shades of green. That was our destination and then
turned around to hike back to our car.
Powerline Trail North View : To reach the trail from the north, take the
Princeville Ranch Stable turn off and go to the end of the road about 2 miles. There is
a small parking lot next to the green water tank. The trail rolls gently up and down
for the first 2 miles. There are several smaller trails both left and right that come off
the main trail. These trails are dead ends and are viewing spots and after a quick
look you’ll turn back around to connect with the main trail. The best viewing spot is
about ½ mile up on the north side. You begin the smaller trail through a nice clearing
with ferns growing around the trees. We counted aver 10 waterfalls from the
overlook looking down a beautiful green and lush valley. The largest fall was
Namolokama Falls on the north face of Namolokama Mountain. The trail starting
from the north view has 180 feet of elevation change the first 2 miles.
Powerline Trail Kauai
Powerline Trail Kauai
Powerline Trail Kauai
Powerline Trail, South and North Views
Powerline Trail Kauai
Powerline Trail North View