Items needed for your hike:
*Camera !!!
*Water !!
*Bug Spray
* Sunglasses
*Binoculars are nice to have but not necessary.
*Hiking sticks are not really necessary this hike.

Pihea Trail
                                                  Pihea  Trail
Pihea Trail is located at the end of the road at the top of Waimea Canyon
past Kokee State Park and by the Pu'u O Kila Lookout. There is a trail
sign along with a well faded sign saying -
"Mt. Waialeale  Wettest spot on earth"
The Pihea Trail is among the premier hiking paths in the Kokee/Waimea
Canyon area. The trail traverses the narrow ridge in the Na Pali Kona
Forest Reserve between the Kalalau Valley and the Alakai Swamp. The
views extend 4,000 feet down the mossy, fluted cliffs of the Kalalau
Valley, which drops sharply into the ocean. The views inland extend over
layers of folded forested canyons and ridges to Mount Waialeale, the
wettest spot on earth with an average of 450 inches of annual rainfall.
Alakai Swamp is an incredible, atmospheric area like nowhere else.
Swamp weather can cause no views at all and is typical weather.

The trail begins as an old road (An attempt to build a road to Haena).
The trail is quite rutted and it's easy to see why the attempt failed. There
are humorous lookout areas to the Kalalau Valley. Along with the
elevation changes up and down through a fern lined path, there are many
wet muddy areas. Some spots have a wooden walkway in areas that are
wet all the time.
Pihea Trail
PIHEA  TRAIL        Kalalau Valley
Pihea Trail
Pihea Trail
Pihea Trail
Pihea Trail
Pihea Trail
Pihea Trail