Nualolo Trail
The trail starts near the Kokee State Park Headquarters at 3600 feet
elevation. The trail ends at 2,234 feet elevation. This trail is used mostly
as an access route for hunters but also serves as an alternate route to
the cross over Nualolo Cliff Trail to Awaawapuhi Trail. On our hike we saw 2 separate hunters with
hunting dogs looking for wild boars.
This hike descends through a lush forest for the first 2 ½ miles, to panoramic vistas of the Nualolo
Valley, Kaahole Valley, and Na Pali coastline. The trail ends at Lolo Vista Point, a vertical perch 3,000
feet above the Nualolo Valley. This hike can be combined with the Awaawapuhi Trail for a 10-mile
loop hike. The two trails are connected by the Nualolo Cliffs Trail, a 2.2 mile connector trail.
You walk uphill and start switchbacking. As you near 1/2 mile, the trail levels out amoung some ohia,
koa, and ferns. The trail's pattern is to drop steeply, level out, perhaps climb a little, and then repeat
the process by dropping again. Around the 1-mile point, you dip through a pair of grassy swales
separated by an avenue of ferns. Nearing the 2-mile point, there's a marked change to a drier climate.
You also start seeing heavy pine forest ridges through the trees.
At 3 miles, there's a steep slot to descend before you reach the next junction, this one with the Nualolo
Cliff Trail, which connects with the Awaawapuhi Trail. From here, it's 3/4-miles to windy Lolo Vista
Point. Please do not attempt it if it's wet. The views from Lolo Vista Point are breathtaking and you
can see a view of Niihau and the uninhabited islet of Lehua, Nualolo Valley, Kaahole Valley,Alapii
Point, and the Na Pali Coastline. There’s an iron rail that says end of trail but we found the best views
another ¼ mile along the vista. Once you take a break, take plenty of photos, and eat a snack, you
return the way you came.
Nualolo Trail
Nualolo Trail
Nualolo Trail
Nualolo Trail
Nualolo Trail
Nualolo Trail
Nualolo Trail