Items needed for your hike:
*Camera !!!
*Water !!
*Bug Spray
* Sunglasses
*Binoculars are nice to have but not necessary.
*Hiking sticks are not really necessary this hike.

Nounou Mt. East Trail
Nounou (East)  Trail
To access the east trailhead, turn up mauka onto Halelilio
Road off of Kuhio Highway (Hwy 56). The parking area for
the trailhead is paved and well marked. It is located on
the east side of Halelilo Road. The mountain is commonly
referred to as "Sleeping Giant". The Nounou Trail-East is
a 1.75 mile hike This is a very clearly marked trail that
climbs 1,000 feet above sea level and treats hikers to
gorgeous views of the coastal areas of Kapa’a, Makahela
Mountain, and Mt. Wai’ale’ale. The east trail is the most
direct way to the top of Sleeping Giant. Trail-goers will
take part in a moderately strenuous ascent through
groves of guava trees and lantana. The trail can be muddy
and steep as you traverse the volcanic rocks. The east
trail meets up with the west 1.5 miles in. The Nounou
Trail climbs  to a peak and sheltered picnic area on
sleeping giant’s chest. For a real panoramic view from
Lihue to King Kong Profile Mountain (Kalalea Mt) go past
the picnic area all the way to the top which is past the
picnic area. The total elevation climb is about 1000 feet
from base to top of the head. The climb took us around an
hour to the top and 35 minutes down.
Nounou Mt. West Trail
NOUNOU  MT. East TRAIL       "Sleeping Giant"
Nounou Mt. West Trail   Condos In Kauai
Nounou Mt. West Trail   Condos In Kauai
Nounou Mt East Trail