Kalalau Trail to Hanakapiai Beach
The hike begins at the end of the road at Kee Beach on the North Shore. Pick up a good hiking stick at the trail check-in station.
From the beginning you start an incline, which seems to be a vertical rock streambed. The first ¾ of a mile is fairly steep and
rocky and can be muddy, but 25 minutes into your hike you get a great overlook of Kee Beach. If you don't have much time at
least hike up to the overlook, it's worth the trip up. Stop and take photos of your first view of the Na Pali Coastline and Kee
Continuing on the trail switches back and forth following the coastline as you continue to climb. Occasionally you get viewpoints
of the incredible coastline. The last half a mile to the Hanakapi’ai Beach is slow going back down hill and is steep and muddy
as the trail crosses several small streams. 2 miles from the start you reach Hanakapi'ai Beach. You have to cross a pretty fast
moving stream by hopping boulders. The reward is a beautiful beach that has rock caves carved out of the cliffs. Many people
stop here and make this their final destination before their return. The views back are just as amazing. In the winter months there
may not be a beach at all, just rocks, but it still definitely worth the trip.