Ahukini Pier
Ahukini Pier  Hanamaulu Bay
                    Ahukini Pier -  Hanama’ulu Bay, Kauai

The Ahukini Pier and Hanama’ula Bay are located just outside the Lihu'e Airport.
The road splits if you are coming toward the airport. Follow the road to the left past
the heliport on the left, and keep going until you hit the ocean at Ahukini Pier.

From the pier, all Kauai's major mountains are visible.
The waters off Ahukini Pier, which is located at the mouth of Hanama'ula Bay, are
not only good for pole fishing but also for whale watching. Here the seafloor drops off
sharply and whales are more likely to pass close to shore. To watch for whales, start
by scanning the horizon for a cloud of "smoke" that rises 10-20 feet above the ocean.
Whales need to breathe every seven to 20 minutes and the smoke is water vapor
exhaled from their blowhole. Once you locate a blow, focus your eyes on the area for
another one. Binoculars are helpful.
Formerly known as Ahukini Landing, the pier was originally used by overseas and
inter-island vessels importing and exporting goods to and from the island. After
WWII, all shipping activities were relocated to Nawiliwili Harbor and eventually the
pier was dismantled and abandoned. It's now a state park used by pole and spear
fishermen, and folks just looking for a quiet place to enjoy the view.
Ahukini Pier    Hanama'ulu Bay, Kauai
Ahukini Pier  Hanamaulu Bay
Ahukini Pier  Hanamaulu Bay
Ahukini Pier  Hanamaulu Bay
Ahukini Pier